So I’m flaking a little bit on this months knitting project for HPKCHC.

For my one-class-a-month requirement for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup I was going to make a pair of Skew Socks for myself, and then I was also going to attempt to get to the 50% mark on my Evenstar Shawl. Last week I had complete and total confidence that I was going to make the end-of-the-month deadline for both of these projects, and even now I believe I would have…if I hadn’t started to go completely and terribly wrong.

It started last Thursday. I had been working on my lace Evenstar Shawl all day long and I had juuust managed to finish the ribbing part of chart three. The rows at this point take about an hour or so for me to finish. I thought for a brief second about putting in a lifeline before proceeding, but I decided against it. Not long after I had foolishly decided against the lifeline, a few of the lace stitches slipped off of my needles and instantly started to unravel. I tried to fix the problem, but, in my frustration, I only made it worse. So I put the shawl away for the night. On Friday, having regained my senses, I spent an hour picking out one row of the shawl, deciphering where I had gone wrong in picking the stitched back up, fixing the problem, and then re-knitting the last row. All in all, I didn’t lose THAT much knitting time and I would still make my deadline.

So, on my weekend off, I moved on to the socks. I finished the heel-shaping, did the origami heel, decreased the gusset and juuuuust got to the short rows for the leg on Sunday when I realized something: I had knit two left socks! There are different directions for a left sock and a right sock and I had done the left-sided instructions for both socks. With a nervous laugh, I ripped waaaay back to the heel shaping section so that I could re-knit it again with the correct directions on Monday at knitting group. If I made the end-of-the month deadline at this point, it would be by the skin of my teeth. I figured it was still worth a shot though, right?

And then today happened. On my lunch break, I kept on knitting the heel shaping section of my socks and got to the part where I do the origami heel and kitchener stitch. It closed…except something wasn’t right. I counted my stitches. And the I re-counted them. I had an uneven number of stitches for the cast-off because I had done decreases in the wrong area. I thought “No problem! I’m a clever knitter. I can figure this out.” So I brought the sock into my office area, turned on the light over my drafting table, caaarefully unravled the decrease, and moved it over one row. It was harder to do than I thought, and I was just about to move over to replacing the decreases on the opposite side when I realized…I had moved the stitches over IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! With a few curses under my breath, I attempted to fix this problem AGAIN and ended up with a very noticeable gap in the sock.

So the heel shaping has been ripped out for a second time and the sock has been set aside. I now have a headache (probably caused by the ever changing climate here in Austin, but I like to tell myself it was that damned sock) and a full glass of wine to take the edge off. I have accepted that the Skew socks just don’t want to be finished by the end of the month, and that I won’t be able to make my deadlines for HPKCHC. Instead, I am choosing to move on, for I have bigger and more important commitments today. Maybe the sock and I can reconcile our differences after a week-long break. It is still a very lovely sock pattern and I am still completely charmed the colors of the yarn. For now though, I am going to focus my knitting time on the much-neglected shawl. :P